At what temperature can I do inhalations

Inhalation is prescribed for bronchitis, laryngitis chronic diseases of the respiratory system. This method of treatment is simple, accessible and, at the same time, very effective. Strict contraindications to its use are not, except for complex cases of cardiac and pulmonary insufficiency. Nevertheless, many people have a reasonable question: can I do at the temperature of inhalation? Yes, in some cases, hyperthermia is a serious obstacle, so you should act cautiously. Read on-and understand in what situations inhalations are appropriate, and in which there are not.

Types of inhalation

To understand whether it is possible to do at an elevated temperature of inhalation, the first step is to determine what type of procedure is involved. There are two ways of treating diseases of the respiratory system with the help of gaseous preparations. Each of them is characterized by its advantages disadvantages. All those who have had problems with pulmonology should know about these features.

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Steam method

Old grandfather's method, which is often practiced at home. Its essence is as follows: a man bends over a container with hot water, which is added drug, the head is covered with a dense tissue, an adult or child breathes fumes for a few minutes. Healing gas is evenly distributed throughout the lungs, providing a powerful effect.

Using a nebulizer

A nebulizer is a special electrical device that turns a liquid medicine into a vapor the flow and through a special plastic tube feeds it to a mask fixed in the mouth and nose of the patient. Specialists note that this method of inhalation treatment of the respiratory tract creates very small particles (suspended matter) that penetrate deeper into the lung tissue.

At what temperature can I do inhalations

An increase in body temperature can be a serious problem if the patient requires inhalation. In such situations, you need to consult with doctors, but if this happens at night, you will have to act on your own, relying only on yourself. In order for the treatment to not turn out to be a health hazard, you need to know the basic nuances of inhalation at elevated temperatures.


Do inhalations at high temperature? Yes, if it's a nebulizer. The mechanism of action does not change at all with hyperthermia. As for the steam methods of inhalation treatment, you need to be careful with them. At a temperature of 3, ° C and above homemade recipes are inappropriate. Special vigilance should be shown by future mothers, because pregnancy is accompanied by a variety of physiological manifestations, which may be incompatible with inhalations. To resort to such methods of treatment without the approval of a doctor is impossible!


At a temperature of 3 ° C or lower, there is no need to worry about the appropriateness of such procedures. The child can safely use the inhaler, which the doctor appointed, and take other respiratory procedures, if necessary. An exception to this rule may be a viral infection. If the thermometer reading rises above 3 ° C, steam procedures will have to be abandoned. Inhalation nebulizer at a temperature in children is not contraindicated.

With what to do inhalations through a nebulizer

The nebulizer is a universal medical device for inhalation therapy, which allows the patient to use a variety of drugs to combat various diseases of the respiratory tract. In addition to inhalations with "Berodual "Pulmicort "Lazolvanom widely used procedures with saline, mineral water. After reading the table below, you will learn about the main groups of medicines used for inhalation, and understand what function they perform.

Pharmacological group


Names of common drugs


Expansion of the bronchi

"Berodual "Berotek "Ventolin Nebula"


Dilution and excretion of phlegm

"ACTS "Flimucil "Lazolvan "Ambrobene"

Anti-inflammatory drugs

Fighting inflammation

"Rotokan "Tonzilgon "Malavit"


Hormonal anti-inflammatory

"Pulmicort "Dexamethasone "Kromogeksal"

Antibacterial / antimicrobial agents

Combating harmful bacteria and microbes

"Fluimucil-antibiotic "Furacilin "Dioxydin "Dioxydin"


Strengthening immunity

Derinat, Interferon

Antidiarrheal preparations

Vascular narrowing

"Naphtizin "Epinephrine"

Inhalation in bronchitis in children and adults
Inhalation with laryngitis in children and adults

Can the temperature rise after inhalation?

As a rule, hyperthermia after respiratory procedures is noted in children with a cold. If you or your child use the inhaler at a temperature that does not go beyond normal limits, and then the thermometer shows an increase, then the immune system is working. As long as the temperature does not exceed 3, you should not worry. If the condition worsens, you will have to take an antipyretic and consult your doctor as soon as possible.


The information presented in this article is for informational purposes only. The materials of the article do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can diagnose and give advice on treatment based on the individual characteristics of the individual patient.

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