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Gentle hair coloring - this is how the coloring of some hairdressers. If, during ordinary painting, the paint penetrates into the inner structure of the hair, then using the toning agents, the dye only envelops the hairs, not penetrating into their depths. Conventional paints contain a large amount of ammonia, which negatively affects the condition of hair and skin. In the composition of toning means there are nutritional supplements, minerals caring for the roots of hair, which feed them with useful vitamins.


More and more women are resorting to toning in order to change their appearance, to bring a zest to the image. With traditional staining after a week or two, a contrasting strip of unpainted strands appears at the roots, which becomes more noticeable every day, forcing us to regularly tint the roots. The advantage of toning is that when washing hair, the toner is washed off evenly and gradually, without creating a visible difference between the colored and unpainted strands.

There are several types of toning tools:

  • Persistent. The effect of the procedure is maintained for a month.
  • Gentlemen. The new shade is kept on blond hair for two to three weeks. Do not contain in their composition ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, due to which they are considered conditionally harmless.
  • Shampoos, balms. Slightly change the color of hair, washed off after several procedures of washing the head.
  • Bio-funds. Not only dye your hair, but also take care of them due to the medicinal substances that make up the composition.

Stopping the choice of tinting, you will have the opportunity to change your image without exposing the hair to aggressive chemicals.

How to make toning at home

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To make high-quality toning at home, one must observe several rules:

  • Always choose high-quality professional tonic aids of famous companies. Read the instructions before use. The procedure is similar to the usual coloring of hair, but once again familiar with the sequence of its implementation will be superfluous.
  • Prepare a place: lay the floor and chair with a protective film. Even with the careful use of paint, a few drops of it will spill and stain the surfaces. You should also take care of clothes. A wide hair salon cloak will protect your belongings from unwanted stains.
  • Since the dye is first poured in the palm of your hand and only then distributed along the strands, the skin of the hands should be protected by wearing gloves.

Step-by-step instruction for toning at home

  1. On the skin along the hair growth line, apply Vaseline or a greasy cosmetic cream. This will protect your skin from staining.
  2. A little toning agent pour on the palms and evenly distribute the strands in the direction from the roots to the tips of dark hair. Make sure that no dry strands remain after application.
  3. With your hands, massage the roots of hair, so that the paint is absorbed more reliably.
  4. Comb with rare teeth comb the hair, distributing the product along the entire length.
  5. The dye aging time is adjusted according to the enclosed instructions. Do not over-restrain the product on curls, otherwise the result will not meet your expectations.
  6. Rinse the colorant with plenty of warm water, do not use shampoo. Flush the strands until the running water becomes transparent.
  7. Use balm for colored hair.

Toning after highlighting - photo

Melirovanie - a procedure in which the coloring is not all the hair, but only individual strands. Sometimes the result of women's melioration is disappointing: the painted curls look excessively contrasting on the main background, unnatural. Correct the defects is toning, which will create a smooth transition between strands with melikovke and natural hair.

Also, hair tinting is shown to girls who, after melirovaniya clarified curls look fragile, brittle, lifeless. The components of toning inks not only will make the color correction, but also improve the quality of the hairline, give shine, elasticity.

You can see the result of highlighting in combination with toning in the photo "before" and "after".

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Overview of paints - choose the best means for toning

Londa Professional

A German remedy used by professionals in many beauty salons. The manufacturer guarantees long-term preservation of the result of staining. Among the ingredients of the product there is no ammonia, but there is a perfume composition, which gives off a pleasant smell when applying the substance to the hair. Among the components of the paint are substances that nourish and strengthen the hair structure. Londa Professional is an intensive tonic, so the shade will last for a month.

How to use: The mixture prepared according to the instructions is applied to dry clean hair. Applicator distributes the substance in strands. Soak for 20 minutes.

Matrix Color Sync

American toning paint without ammonia. Has a wide range of shades, each woman chooses the color she needs. Ideal for those who want to get shiny persistent, juicy shades. The components of the paint fill the hair with glaze, due to which the curls acquire exquisite shine, strength, beauty.

Method of application: with primary staining, the product is applied to the root zone, then distributed across all the strands. For repeated staining, Matrix Color Sync is applied to the root part, aged for half of the required time, distributed over the entire length and kept for the same number of minutes.

Loreal Proffessional Dia Richesse

Alkaline dye without ammonia, the preference is given to women who want to paint over the gray hair. The manufacturer guarantees that the paint paints up to 70% of gray hair. The composition includes apricot kernel oil, which has a beneficial effect on the structure of the hair. It is used not only for sensitive and weakened hair, but also for curls that have been subjected to chemical wave, melioration or straightening.

Method of application: For dyeing all hair, paint is applied for 20 minutes. If you want to change the shade of individual strands, the dye is aged for 5-10 minutes.

Reviews about the procedure

Lisa: I use the Londa toning tool 10.81. The paint is gentle, the hair after it is soft. There is no sharp ammonia smell. Pleases a light application, the paint is perfectly distributed over the strands and does not spread. I like the condition and the look of the hair after staining. After the procedure, I recommend applying a moisturizing mask and holding it for a longer time.

Natalia: Intensive toning was advised by my hairdresser friend. Said, "Why do you need to spoil your hair with colors?" If you want to change the color, try toning. " The same day I bought a tool Estel 6/43 Dark-blond copper-gold. After the procedure, the color and condition of the hair completely satisfied me. Once a month I tinted the growing roots myself. When I decided to return to the natural shade of hair, I stopped using toning. After a while, the dye was washed off, and the hair acquired a natural natural color.

Xenia: After I discovered toning remedies, I do not want to go back to painting with usual persistent dyes. My hair looks beautiful, more than ever: soft, shiny, beautifully shimmering in the sun. But still use the usual colors over time will have when more gray hair appears.

Learn how to choose a toning product for your hair.

How much does a professional toning hair in the cabin

For you, we have compiled a table of average stages of toning in Moscow's salons.

Note: These tables are subjective and may differ from the actual cost of the service at the time of its execution. Ask the administrator for the exact price in the beauty salon.

If you once painted your hair yourself at home, then with toning you will cope without problems. In essence, these two procedures do not differ. But we recommend that you contact professional hairdressers in beauty salons who will choose the right shade for you, depending on your color appearance. In the video below, the hairdresser demonstrates his technique of performing toning.

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