Favorable time for the lunar haircuts in November 2018

An important part of the image of a modern girl is her hair. A representative of the fair sex can create a variety of hairstyles using styling products, but they negatively affect the condition of the head of hear. To improve the structure of the hairline, make the strands more obedient or vice versa - curly, you need to get a haircut on certain days of the month. Those who plan to go to a hairdresser in late autumn, useful haircuts calendar for November 2018. Below you will learn more when it's worth visiting a beauty salon in the eleventh month.

The most favorable days for the haircuts of the lunar calendar oracle


The moon affects many processes occurring on Earth. This applies not only to natural phenomena, but also to the well-being of a person. Depending on the phase of the moon, on what constellation of the sign of the zodiac it is (Libra, Virgo, Leo, Aries, Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius.), The full moon has come or the new moon - there are days that are favorable for haircuts. The best numbers for the transformation in the last month of autumn 2018 are 18, 24. About this in more detail:

  • 18. Haircut will bring you an acceleration of hair growth, improving their structure. Give preference to unusual, daring solutions, for example, extravagant styling. If you want to do a normal haircut, you better refrain from visiting the salon - a simple neat hair style will quickly bother you. The curl made on this day will fill you with energy.
  • 24 (Tuesday). Haircut on the growing moon will lead to positive changes - this time is favorable for those who want to speed up the growth of hair. Any care procedures will give a good result, make the strands beautiful and healthy. Haircut at the master not only will allow you to look great, but also will improve a state of health, will have a positive impact on the budget.

Unsuccessful days for a hairstyle in November 2018

Lunar calendar of haircuts and hair coloring. Favorable days for haircuts and hair dyeing, reviews
Favorable days for hair cutting - oracle

Unfavorable days for a hairstyle are at the very beginning and end of the eleventh month of 2018. These days, you should abandon any procedures with hair, they will bring negative changes in the condition of the hairline, affect your personal life or work. To prevent this, do not visit the hairdresser in the following numbers:

  • 1. The strands trimmed on this day will become disobedient, the hair will be more cut. When creating a stacking, it is unlikely that you will be able to give the strands the desired shape, volume. Coloring can negatively affect your emotional state, lead to a deterioration in mood. To maintain the health of the hair, it is best to make home health masks. It is undesirable to get cut off so as not to break communication with the cosmos.
  • 27. During this period, the moon can have a beneficial effect on hair growth, but they will become disobedient. If you cut the ends of the strands, it will lead to the appearance of a gun, the hair will begin to curl. Haircut is not recommended - this procedure is able to have a negative effect on the circulatory system, cause endocrine disorders, but the hair and perm are permissible. On the 27th you can color, make highlights.
  • 29. It is not advisable to contact a hairdresser on this Sunday, after cutting, the strands will be split, unruly. Avoid too complicated manipulations with styling - they can turn out to be unsuccessful, better make a simple neat hairstyle. The day is suitable for care procedures - for example, masks.

Full lunar hair clip calendar for November 2018

If you want to add beauty to hair, make it light, obedient, thick, better to go for a haircut on the 16th, 18th and 24th. Do not go to hairdresser 1, 27, November 29 - these are bad days for experiments with hair, which can worsen their condition. The remaining days of the month are considered relatively neutral for a march to the master. Let us dwell in more detail on when it is permissible to visit the salon.

1. Do not experiment - cut or painted, but you can do all kinds of wellness procedures, use masks, balms.

Haircutting Oracle
Lunar calendar of beauty - favorable days for care of appearance, haircuts and plastic operations

2. If you trim the strands, their growth will slow down, health will worsen.

3. A good day for carrying out any manipulation of the hairline - haircuts, styling, painting, melioration. Do not curl curls by chemical method.

4. Any woman can visit a hairdresser on this day, which will positively affect the density of the strands, they will become more obedient, but the haircut should be put aside for another number.

5. After your trip to the salon, the hair will become more docile, neat, the waving procedure and any styling will go well, the staining will last for a long time.

6. The day will contribute to the active work of the hair follicles, which will improve the growth of strands. It's good to paint this day. The paint chosen for the transformation will necessarily lie well.

7. The day is suitable for staining strands, especially natural dyes - henna, basma. From the haircut of the seventh number it is better to refuse.

8. If you trim hair, their growth will slow down, but the roots will strengthen. This time is suitable for experiments - unusual painting, coloring.

9. It is permissible to change the hue of the strands, but if they are cut, this will lead to a deterioration in health, emotional disturbances.

10. Staining of the strands will cause a worsening of the financial situation, cutting them, even quite a bit, is not recommended.

11. Cutting the ends of the hair can cause increased emotional vulnerability, weakness. Strands will grow much worse.

12. A twelve-thirds haircut can worsen the relationship at work or at home, but hair growth will accelerate. Carry out maintenance activities.

13. If you cut your hair, the strands will grow rapidly, but they can become disobedient. On the 13th, the haircut can have a negative effect on your overall well-being.

14. It is undesirable to engage in radical experiments with color - to discolor strands. Give preference to natural paints. Haircut can cause panic conditions, anxiety.

15. Cutting your hair on the fifteenth, you can significantly improve your financial condition. It is an auspicious day for coloring the hair in light shades, highlighting.

16. The day will positively affect the overall condition of the hairline, entail pleasant changes associated with financial position, well-being.

17. A good calendar day for trimming the tips of hair or a sharp change of image - this will bring good luck, improve relationships with people. Strands will grow much faster.

18. The hair trimmed on this day will become more docile, beautiful, light. To look great, select extravagant, bold images.

19. Do not cut your hair this day. May deteriorate the state of health, there is a disease, but the coloring in a dark deep shade can bring good luck.

20. Astrologers do not recommend cutting their twenties - this will worsen the condition of the hairline, can provoke failure, disease, but the coloring of the strands is permissible and even desirable.

21. Go to dye your hair if you choose bright, radiant shades. The growth of trimmed strings will accelerate, the haircut will entail interesting changes in life.

22. Do not cut your hair, not to cause negative consequences related to work or personal life. Admissible staining, but only natural dyes.

23. The tips trimmed on this day will become healthier, more obedient, less shredded, their general condition will improve. A trip to the hairdresser will bring success, well-being.

24. A great day for changing the image. Grooming will enhance your sexuality, make you look great.

25. Experiments with the hair can cause headaches, worsen its structure.

26. Astrologers recommend to abstain this day from any procedures relating to hair.

27. A bad day to visit the salon for cutting hair, but you can make the painting.

28. A haircut on the twenty-eighth day can make hair unruly, more brittle.

29. Unfavorable time for changing the image - creating hairstyles, dyeing, haircuts. It is good to do strengthening hair masks at home. Choose an easy recipe to make the procedure fun.

30. If you want to improve the health of your hair, go for a haircut on this day, and painting in natural color will bring good luck.

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