Increase the potency of Chinese pills - the most effective dietary supplements and drugs

What is the potency

Male potency, in the general sense of this definition, means the ability to reproductive function through physical intercourse. This term is characterized by the potential ability of a man to lead a full sexual life. Sexology identifies potency with erection, i.e.physiological process, which provides a rush of blood to the pelvic organs and an increase in the volume of the penis.

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level of physical activity. Such a common disease, like prostatitis, negatively affects male sexuality, if you ignore its symptoms and do not consult a doctor in time.

Chinese medicine for men

The pharmaceutical industry in China is currently developing rapidly. Interest in modern Chinese medicine is due to a combination of the latest advances in modern technology and traditional homeopathic techniques based on thousands of years of experience. One of the most popular areas of eastern pharmacology is the production of drugs to restore the erectile function of men. Such a high interest in products of this kind is caused by the presence of direct evidence of the efficacy of drugs.

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Chinese tablets for potency have unique properties due to their multi-component composition. Extracts from plants, obtained by special ancient Chinese methods, positively affect the duration of erection and reduce recovery time after intimacy. Treatment of pathologies with the use of Chinese traditional medicine is in some cases more effective and safe than the use of antibiotic therapy or synthetic drugs.

Not only people suffering from potency disorders, but also the representatives of the stronger sex, who care about their health and want to extend the functionality of the reproductive system for many years, have resorted to the help of Chinese recipes. Preparations for the prevention of dysfunction are in demand as much as for its treatment. It is easier to prevent a disease than to eliminate the consequences of a long-term inappropriate approach to one’s health.

Chinese Potency Enhancers

The range of Chinese Potency Enhancers allows you to choose your preferred form of medicine. It can be tablets, granules, powder, medicine, cream, balls, dietary supplements. The mechanism of pharmacological action is based on increasing blood circulation naturally without artificially inhibiting cyclic guanosine monophosphate. Plant extracts stimulate a surge of strength and energy, bring blood vessels to tone, relieve nervous tension.

Uncontrolled occurrence of an erection when taking Chinese tablets for potency is excluded, due to the absence of synthetic inhibitors that affect the functions of enzymes. Increased erectile function is achieved by the accumulation in the body of active substances that have a positive effect on the state of all body systems. Therefore, drugs must be taken, adhering to the recommended course of treatment.

Benefits of drugs

Centuries of research in the field of the effects of natural components on men's health yielded an effective drug formulation that helps to fight the causes of reduced potency, restoring men the power of erection. The uniqueness of the production technology of Chinese medicine products gives them a number of advantages:

  • high-quality troubleshooting;
  • natural composition;
  • long acting;
  • individual approach to the existing pathology;
  • no unwanted side effects;
  • recovery of the body;
  • is not addictive;
  • is suitable for prophylactic use;
  • affordable price;
  • no age restrictions.

A positive point is the beneficial effect of drugs on the entire urogenital system, which prevents the development of prostatitis, even if it is not the main purpose of taking pills. In addition to its main purpose, the means for increasing potency normalizes the work of the heart muscle, stabilizes pressure, and has a calming effect on the nervous system. The principle of Chinese medicine is to prevent the disease, and not to treat it.

The most popular

preparations. Chinese products for increasing the potency of men on the market are presented in the form of such popular forms of medicines:

  • balls
  • pills
  • dietary supplements.

Each of these drugs is designed to improve the potential abilities of men of different ages and enhance erectile function. The popularity of such funds is due to the simplicity of their use and the effectiveness of prolonged exposure, confirmed by reviews of satisfied users. The ability to achieve a fast and lasting effect attracts buyers who are not always male. Women, too, often acquire such drugs to maintain the male power of their chosen ones.

Potency Balls

A homeopathic remedy based on lotus, remania, cordyceps and extracts from the sex hormones of male animals, is capable of increasing the erection several times when taken once. Balls for potency from China have a mild stimulation of sexual desire. The effect of the application lasts about 3 days. It is recommended to use balls in case of accidental failure in the body due to stress or in the presence of pathology.

Tablets Chinese potency pills are designed to provide the proper level of erection in the absence of sexual arousal. Male libido is very sensitive to environmental factors. The psyche of a man, despite the demonstrated strength of character, is often vulnerable when it comes to his insolvency in the intimate sphere. Such stimuli can reduce desire.

A preparation based on extracts of medicinal plants in the form of a pill will help a man to gain confidence in his abilities. The oral method of taking pills involves resorption without drinking liquid. The properties of the pill for potency do not diminish with the use of alcohol in small quantities or fatty foods. The course of treatment of prostatitis may include the use of Chinese drugs, along with other drugs without compromising health.

Chinese Viagra for Men

Worldwide, the solution to problems with erection is associated with the drug Viagra, because it was the first in the remedy, invented to increase potency. Chinese Viagra is a generic of well-known pills. The main active ingredient of the Chinese version, like that of the American invention, is sildenafil. The principle of Viagra is to enhance blood flow to the pelvic organs. This contributes to the fact that the blood easily fills the cavernous body with sexual arousal.

Pill, developed by Chinese pharmacists by analogy with American Viagra, begins its action within 15 minutes to 1 hour after ingestion. The rate of onset of the effect depends on the individual sensitivity to the component composition of the drug. The result obtained lasts up to 4 hours. A few days after consuming the tablet of Chinese Viagra, an increased desire for intimacy due to the residual action of the active components is manifested.

dietary supplements

Chinese dietary supplements for potency are aimed not only to provide one-time assistance for problems with potency, but also to eliminate the cause of the appearance of pathologies. Biologically active components of additives are parts of medicinal plants growing only in China, which are subjected to grinding to a dusty state. The benefits of taking such drugs is to gradually increase erection and prevention of prostatitis.

The function of some dietary supplements, in addition to the restoration of potency, is to improve the reproductive health of men. A complex of amino acids, vitamins and minerals designed specifically to create an environment in the body conducive to the maturation of high-quality seminal fluid. Adding dietary supplements to the daily diet reduces the risk of developing the urinary system diseases.


Chinese products on the market in a wide price range. Pharmacies in Moscow prices for goods of this kind range from 240 to 3500 rubles. Means of Chinese medicine to strengthen sexual function can be bought in the online store. To do this, go to the appropriate site, browse the electronic catalog, and order the position of interest. The cost of the most popular Chinese drugs is presented in the table:


Name Product form

Price, rubles

Bu Shen



Mai Dalivan



Nan Bao



Good fellow




capsule strength of


Hong Pao Lo Liu



VigRX Plus





Balls American Viagra



Traditional Chinese Viagra



Ponds of Deer and Ginseng



Wujie Yanun






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Preparations of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, including Chinese tablets for potency, are an effective tool to help restore the erectile function of men at any age. Natural substances that make up the tablets have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole, normalizing the process of blood formation and blood circulation. High-quality active supplements made in China are recommended for reception and the representatives of the stronger sex with normal potency.

The information presented in the article is for informational purposes only. Article materials do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can diagnose and advise on treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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