The benefits and harms of Rhodiola Rosea root for men or women - how to brew, make tincture and take

What is

golden root Rhodiola rosea is a medicinal plant that is distributed mainly in latitudes with a cold climate( it grows in Russia in Altai, Yakutia, the Urals, Eastern Siberia).The flowering period of the golden root falls on the middle of the summer. The flowers have a yellowish tint, sometimes green, the plant emits a characteristic smell, reminiscent of the smell of rose oil.

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Medicinal properties of Rhodiola rosea

In Russia, medicine uses this plant to normalize many health problems. Drugs based on gold root correct the work of the digestive, reproductive, cardiovascular and central nervous systems. In addition, the extract of Rhodiola Rose stimulates the enhancement of immunity in adults and children, improves physical and psycho-emotional states.

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Collecting the golden root has a very strong effect on the body, which can cause side effects after consumption. For some categories of patients with the following diseases, the use of the golden root is contraindicated:

  • hypertensive crisis;
  • intolerance;
  • severe over-stimulation, nervousness;
  • organic brain damage.

Side effects after an overdose do not appear immediately, but after 3 days after consumption. An overdose is the use of more than 40-50 drops of a therapeutic drug. After taking on the second or third day, migraine, irritability, discomfort during breathing can be felt. With these signs, you need to urgently reduce the pressure in the patient and stop taking. All drugs based on Rhodiola rosea are recommended to be taken in the morning.

Use of Rhodiola Rosea

The healing properties of the golden root, even in the presence of contraindications, explain a large number of different preparations based on this plant. The use of Rhodiola rosea is varied - to relieve inflammation on the skin, lotions, decoctions and teas are used to treat and prevent many health problems( diabetes, hypotension, atherosclerosis, gastritis, sore throat, colds, diseases of the reproductive system, tumors, exhaustion, drowsiness).).

Golden root extract is often used in preparations for the heart and in treating tumors. In its chemical composition, the plant has a component such as salidroside, which helps block metastasis of lymphosarcoma cells in the body in a malignant or benign tumor. Rhodiola Rosa broths are drunk to improve the quality of drug treatment or for prophylaxis.

Gold Root for Men

After much research by medicine, it was proved that Rhodiola rosea for potency is a very effective means of promoting male power. In addition, a few drops of golden root tincture have a stimulating effect on the nervous system. For men, this plant has the following effect: it increases the time of sexual intercourse and prevents rapid ejaculation. Impotence can be cured after regular use for 3 weeks. If there are contraindications or side effects, stop taking it.

In cosmetology

The healing properties of the golden root for the skin explain the presence of Rhodiola Rosea in almost every cosmetic facial care product. The extract is actively added to creams, serums, fluids, since Rhodiola rosea has a smoothing, soothing, moisturizing effect on the skin. Means with this component warm the skin and are suitable for winter care, but the effect of warming occurs without the expansion of pores and blood vessels.

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In folk medicine,

At home, Rhodiola Rosea can be used for almost any therapeutic purpose. Traditional medicine offers a large number of recipes for solving many health problems. To prepare one or another decoction, tea, you need to buy golden root in a dry form, it can be found in pharmacies. It can also be found in the form of tinctures and tablets. The use of this plant must be cautious - in case of overdose and the presence of contraindications may be dangerous for health consequences.

Rhodiola rosea for children

One of the points of contraindication to the use of the golden root is the child age up to 12 years. For use by children, it is better to find an alternative option that is similar in composition and healing properties to Rhodiola Rosea. After drinking, a child may experience an allergic skin rash, vomiting, nausea, dizziness. It is worth paying attention that it is possible to use the golden root only when prescribing a doctor. The doctor may prescribe for the child in small quantities the use of Rhodiola Rose, if the benefits exceed the harm to the body.

Applying golden root tincture to vodka

One of the most common uses of this medicinal plant is tincture made from vodka. Reception of such a workpiece should be reasonable, not exceeding the norm, in case of an overdose, the healing properties disappear, and the tincture brings only harm to the body.

Use this tool to improve immunity during viral diseases, men to improve potency. Golden root helps with vegetative dystonia, hypotension, fatigue, stress, diseases of the stomach and intestines. In addition, the use contributes to the improvement of the reproductive system in women and men. For patients who are prohibited from alcohol, you can use a water base.

How to make tincture

There is a simple preparation option for those patients who do not drink alcohol. Medicinal properties do not change, but there remains a contraindication for use by children. Preparation:

  • Place 1 tablespoon of dry golden root in a container;
  • pour 600 ml boiling water;
  • mix, insist under the lid( can be in a thermos) for a day.

For those for whom alcohol is not contraindicated, tincture of golden root on vodka is prepared as follows:

  • grind dry golden root;
  • pour dry root( 2-3 tablespoons) into the container and pour 80 ml of vodka;
  • mix well, insist in a dark place at a temperature not higher than 10-15 degrees;
  • insist about 15 days;
  • after infusing strain;
  • apply 20 drops diluted with water three times a day, the course of treatment is 15-20 days.

Instructions for use tincture

When treating in this way, you must strictly follow the dosage, avoid excessive consumption. The standard for a recipe on an alcohol basis should not exceed 60 drops, diluted with water, per day. The water-based option can be taken no more than 3 tablespoons a day for half an hour before meals. The duration of treatment is prescribed by a doctor, often it does not exceed 20 days. The break between courses can be 15 days.


The healing properties of the golden root are indisputable. In the form of a decoction it is used for lotions and rinses. A decoction of the golden root can be used for catarrhal diseases for gargling, for periodontal disease for gargling the mouth, cuts for compresses. The tool has anti-inflammatory effect, promotes healing of wounds, removal of puffiness and redness. Pink root in the form of a decoction has the same contraindications - children less than 12 years of age and the presence of certain diseases in the patient. Drink decoctions is recommended for 2 cups per day, you can add honey.

How to Brew Golden Root

There are several simple recipes for decoctions of the rhizome of Rhodiola Rosea. One of the most common is prepared as follows:

  • boil 1.5 liters of water;
  • prepare Rhodiola Rosea - finely chop one teaspoonful of dry plant;
  • pour boiling water over the dry mixture, boil for 15 minutes;
  • cover, infuse for about 45 minutes;
  • after cooling to drain.

To enhance the healing properties of the golden root, a decoction is made from a mixture of herbs. You need to drink it by half a glass, mixing it with water in equal proportions. The method of preparation of this broth is very simple:

  • chop one tablespoon of Rhodiola Rosea;
  • mix dry root with lure;
  • take hawthorn and several dry rosehips;
  • everything to grind and mix well;
  • boil for 5 minutes;
  • put insist on 45 minutes;
  • after cooling to drain.

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Traditional medicine for many years enjoyed great popularity. Each medicinal plant has beneficial vitamins, minerals that are beneficial for the body. One of these plants is the golden root - the healing properties and contraindications of which everyone who has experienced cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases needs to know, because the root of the plant is used to treat these ailments. The people of the plant is known as "Rhodiola Rose", the name is explained by the golden color of its roots.

The information presented in the article is for informational purposes only. Article materials do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can diagnose and advise on treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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