Pediculosis - causes, prevention, control measures for children and adults

What is pediculosis

The disease occurs more often in a child, however, adults are prone to large-scale infection. Pediculosis is a parasitic disease caused by increased activity of sucking blood lice. On the host's body, the pests are located in the hairy areas, but more often there is a head lice. Other variants of the disease are much less common, for example, pubic, ward lice. The infection can be treated successfully, you just need to purchase special tools and carefully follow the rules of personal hygiene.

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Where lice come from

This disease has been described by Aristotle, therefore, such vital organisms go back thousands of years. A louse is a wingless insect that has six limbs with claws for firm fixation on the human body. Due to the sharp teeth in the oral apparatus, the pest bites into the skin, violates its integrity, releases saliva, causing an itchiness, and sucks blood. Lice are taken from the environment, and the most favorable conditions for existence are dirty places. The risk group includes people who do not follow the rules of personal hygiene.

Incubation period of lice and nits

The patient has been unaware of a parasitic disease for some time. The incubation period of lice and nits has its own characteristics, completely depends on the lifestyle of an infected person. After the parasite penetrates the hairline, infection occurs within a few hours, the lice lay eggs. The first symptoms in a person's life are noticeable later, in some patients this period is 3-4 weeks. In order to timely detect the occurrence of pathogenic flora, the patient must be especially careful about personal hygiene, monitor the condition of the hair.

Pediculosis in children - ways of infection and transmission, early signs, medical and folk remediesany age. Most often, the risk group is a child who leads an active lifestyle, attends a preschool or school educational institution, contacts with infected people and objects. It is important to understand that lice are dangerous because they are a carrier of a deadly infection and can develop such a serious disease as typhus. In addition, when scratching the skin, wounds appear that can lead to large-scale infection of the dermis. Prevention of lice and nits should forgive the whole family.


When this insect bites with saliva, a special substance penetrates the skin, causing severe itching of the lesion. The patient becomes nervous and irritable, behaves extremely irritable. Symptoms of pediculosis can not be noticed immediately, but their intensity gradually increases, as well as the number of viable individuals in the hair. It is necessary to take measures to combat pediculosis, thus avoiding dangerous health complications. Additionally, it is important to pay attention to such changes in general well-being:

  • hair tangling;
  • odor;
  • redness, swelling of the dermis;
  • irritation on the body;
  • slump performance.

Kinds of pediculosis

The female of the parasite lays eggs, and in large quantities. Depending on the place where she does it, the following types of head lice can be distinguished, which develop at any patient's age:

  1. Head lice. Lice live and multiply in the hair, provoke inflammation of the dermis and the appearance of unpleasant sores.
  2. Pediculosis surgery. Parasites, as one of the varieties of head lice, live on underwear and bed linen, especially in places of folds, roll back of the collar and cuffs.
  3. Pubic Pediculosis. The appearance of parasites in the characteristic zone is preceded by sexual contact with an infected person. Parasites live on the pubis, are the cause of itching.

Causes of

lice Before curing head lice, it is important to determine the source of infection, to ensure timely prevention measures. The causes of lice are obvious - in contact with contaminated household items, infected people or water. Contact-household way is the main direction why the once healthy person is faced with such an unpleasant diagnosis as pediculosis. Infected can be a thing, water, children's toys in the garden or even a familiar person. Other triggering factors for pediculosis are outlined below:

  • visiting places of increased crowds;
  • business trips, moving on trains and staying in hotels;
  • non-compliance with mandatory prevention measures;
  • travel by public transport;
  • illegible sex.

In children,

In small patients, lice appear in the scalp. Measures to combat parental lice should follow immediately, but first you need to find out the true causes of infection. Most often the growing up child faces the problem of lice in kindergarten, school, health camps and other places of high concentrations of people. Other causes of lice in children are:

  • non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, which is especially important for not careful children and inattentive parents;
  • direct contact with infected children, objects;
  • classes in the children's team, communication with unfamiliar people.

Treatment of pediculosis

In modern pharmacology, there are a number of pharmacy tools that are an effective measure to combat dangerous parasites. Timely identification of the problem is the beginning of the path to full recovery, but the patient requires an integrated approach. Effective treatment of pediculosis involves the following direction, which you want to choose with your doctor and make the daily routine for the next 1-2 weeks:

  • proper nutrition, use of vitamins;
  • timely identification of secondary diseases;
  • the use of pharmaceuticals in the form of shampoos, balms, hair masks;
  • short haircut child( individually by the decision of the parents);
  • head processing with folk remedies;
  • long-term use of comb for combing hair;
  • implementation of preventive measures;
  • need to inspect not only the foci of pathology, but also things with their subsequent washing, ironing well with a hot iron.

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If you find a focus of pathology, prevention of lice becomes ineffective. When infected, there is an urgent need for timely treatment of pediculosis with drugs against parasites. The effectiveness of such intensive care is high if you first consult with your doctor or at least carefully study the instructions for use. For the extermination of harmful parasites, the appointment of the following drugs is appropriate:

  • Pediculen P Ultra;
  • Medilis Bio;
  • Paranit Lotion;
  • Anti-Bit;
  • Paranit Spray;
  • Hygia;
  • Pair Plus;
  • Full Marks.


After a single use of these drugs, it remains only to comb the hair with a special comb, and to carry out such a procedure for several days - in the morning and in the evening after examining the head. No less effective ointment from lice, which can also be purchased at the pharmacy. Use separately from other drugs, follow all instructions from the instructions. The following ointments have proven themselves well:

  • Benzyl benzoate;
  • Permethrin Ointment;
  • Boric ointment.

Dust Dust Soap

For the elimination of pathogens from ancient times, people use Dust Dust Soap for washing their heads. Parasites inhibit their development under the influence of the chemical composition of this product, stop multiplying and die. This measure of pest control in modern pharmacology is obsolete, it is better to use dust soap for effective prevention, no more.

Folk remedies for head lice

Measures to combat head lice can be not only official, but also alternative. Folk remedies for lice use a noticeable prevention, and are much cheaper than pharmacy shampoos, sprays and ointments. It is also realistic to produce an effective remedy for pediculosis at home, the main thing is to choose a reliable, effective and safe recipe for all occasions. This may be a solution or medical ointment in order to suppress pathogenic flora, exclude re-infection. Here are good recipes:

  1. Geranium oil, as a reliable means of combating pediculosis, dissolve in a small amount of regular shampoo. Prepare the composition of the hair, leave for 10 minutes under a dense layer of polyethylene. To wash the head, to dry up, to make careful inspection of parasites.
  2. Rub a handful of fresh cranberries in one container, squeeze the juice. Combine it with honey, mix the ready solution thoroughly. Intensively rub into the head, leave on the hair for 20-30 minutes. This is not only a reliable pest control measure, but also a reliable preventive measure against a characteristic disease.
  3. Concentrated pomegranate juice can be rubbed into the scalp twice a day, leaving the mask for 30-40 minutes. After completing the procedure, inspect the head, comb the dead lice and their eggs with a comb.

. Prevention.

. If a conscious person knows the causes of the disease, then in order to prevent it, avoid provoking factors. If the infection has already happened, the first thing you need to do is wash the bedding and clothes, iron things, additionally treat all items with which the sick person has been in contact with the steam. This is the main prevention of pediculosis, to save the family from mass infection. After finding out the cause of the pathology, the preventive measures are as follows:

  1. In everyday life, use an individual comb and other personal hygiene items.
  2. Carefully observe the daily regimen, avoid visiting crowded places and contact with unfamiliar people.
  3. Use for shampoos with a preventive action against head lice.
  4. Inspect the head every week for lice, take timely measures to combat parasites.
  5. Eat right, be sure to enrich the diet with valuable vitamins, minerals, trace elements.

In children,

Knowing the disease control measures and the causes of its occurrence, adults should tell their children about prevention in a timely manner. For example, you can not use someone else's comb, otherwise the risk of infection with lice only increases. Prevention of pediculosis in children involves the observance of the rules of personal hygiene, limiting contact with sick people. It is recommended to focus on the following measures for the prevention of head lice:

  1. Every three days, wash the baby's head with special shampoos against lice.
  2. Keep the children's room clean and tidy; perform spring cleaning regularly.
  3. Inspect the baby's head every 10 days, and when visiting a kindergarten - once a week.


In the free market have effective prophylactic agents. Everyone should know what pediculosis is - causes, prevention, measures to combat parasites, too, valuable information in his life. It is better to prevent the disease than to treat it. For example, at risk patients it makes sense to buy shampoo for the prevention of lice and use it once a week. Here are effective remedies, predominantly on the open market: Para-Plus

  • ;
  • Paranit shampoo;
  • Anti-Bit;
  • Pedilin;
  • Hygia.



Marina, 32 years old

Because of the illness of one of the employees, I had to choose drugs for lice first for prevention, and then as a measure of control. Better than the Para Plus in such circumstances is not found. I washed my head once, and the itching disappeared. Passed the cause of the disease, although the dead nits combed another week. From now on, I keep this remedy for the prevention of pediculosis.

Katerina, 30

With increased physical activity and regular long-distance travel, I know well what pediculosis is and its causes. As a reliable measure of struggle using the lotion Paranite, and for the prevention - Hygiene. One trick is enough to completely get rid of lice. For all the causes of pediculosis, I highly recommend.

Anna, 25 years old

A daughter from kindergarten brought pediculosis. The reasons are obvious, there are many children. As a measure of insect control, I chose Paranit lotion. Once my daughter washed her head, and everything went away. The composition is greasy, you have to wash it out for a long time, but it really works. Enough once, and I store the rest of the bottle for the prevention of lice.

If you get lice, it is important to start treatment, otherwise this parasitic disease only progresses. In official medicine, it is called pediculosis. The characteristic disease has several varieties depending on the localization of the pathology center. Treatment of pediculosis at home successfully with the right choice of funds.

The information presented in the article is for informational purposes only. Article materials do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can diagnose and advise on treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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