Thermal imager for smartphone - review of models with description and prices, programs for synchronization with the device

An additional device is one of the prefixes that accurately displays the temperature range on the gadget's screen. Until quite recently, the purchase of such a device was not cheap. The price of devices starts in Moscow and the region from 100-150 thousand rubles for popular models based on iOS or Android from Flir one and Seek thermal.

What is a thermal imager for a smartphone

The standard thermal imager for the phone has the size of a small mp3 player. The peculiarity of the device is a microUSB connector, with which it is installed on a gadget running iOS or Android. In this add-on, a camera is already installed, which at high resolution of the matrix has two types of operation: the standard mode and for the smartphone.

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The firmware thermal imager for the Android or gadget from Apple provides an opportunity not only to see the picture in this mode, but also to take pictures for later viewing. With such properties, a smartphone with a thermal imager can be used not only in private, but also commercial areas. The camera matrix of the device provides a full-fledged image.


The thermal imager works according to the standard principle, as well as the professional equipment of this category. The infrared camera captures the image and captures the thermal radiation (IR signals), converting it into an electronic signal. The phone with an additional device shows the temperature of the objects, and the range of the cameras is very large. A mobile thermal imager with an installed magnesium sensor can catch the temperature at a distance of more than a kilometer. The price of the gadget does not affect this indicator.

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Some models of the device work both from the usual battery of the smartphone, and from the built-in. The autonomy of the gadget on iPhone or Android makes it mobile. Synchronization with the gadget is carried out using a lightning connector (for iphone) or microUSB (thermal imager on Android). The temperature fixation is carried out in the entire range - from 0 to 100 degrees Celsius and more.



The presence of an infrared camera in devices significantly expands the scope of their application. You can order in the online store the desired model of the gadget for the following purposes:

  • Use on the hunt. Using compact thermal imagers, you can track and see animals even in fog, during rain or in the forest for hundreds of meters.
  • Application when working with insulation (commercial use). Indicators accurately determine the places of heat loss.
  • Entertainment. Given that you can buy the device for several hundred dollars, this option will be useful and bright present for your friend or close person (such a gift will always look expensive and presentable).

The best models

Today in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities you can purchase, with or without a stock, thermal imagers from two manufacturers: Seek Thermal and Flir One. These companies offer devices on Apple or gadgets based on Android (Huawei, Samsung and others). Manufacturers have achieved high body strength and quality of pixels - this is evidenced by the positive feedback from customers. Comparing the characteristics, you can buy the desired model for sale with the delivery service by mail or courier.

Seek Thermal

Seek Thermal imagers are available in different price ranges. Depending on what you want to receive and what characteristics are key for you, you can choose the appropriate model. A costly option is a professional version:

  • model name: Seek Thermal Compact PRO;
  • cost: 4, 00 rubles;
  • characteristics: range 550 meters, temperature maximum 330 ° C; sensitivity up to 7 degrees, frames change with a frequency of 15 GHz;
  • pluses: high image quality, range up to 500 m, maximum sensitivity;
  • cons: cost.

More affordable, but with a small set of functions, much less sensitivity and low frame rate, is the Compact XR. Its characteristics:

  • model name: Seek Thermal Compact XR;
  • price: 24 000 rubles;
  • characteristics: range 500 m, temperature maximum 330 ° C, sensitivity up to, degree, frame rate (FSS) 9 GHz;
  • pluses: range up to 500 meters, price;
  • cons: low speed of changing pictures.

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In this line there are several more thermal imagers. Comparatively inexpensive, you can call the Compact model, which has a standard set of characteristics and the price of only 1, 00 rubles:

  • model name: Seek Thermal Compact;
  • price: 19 000 rubles;
  • Parameters: range 250 m, temperature maximum 330 ° C, sensitivity up to, degree, PWM 9 GHz;
  • Pros: affordable cost;
  • cons: low range.

Flir One

Budget options are offered by one more manufacturer - Flir Van, who already managed to earn the trust of buyers in the domestic market. From inexpensive models the Flir One with the same name uses:

  • model name: Flir One;
  • price: from 17 000 rubles;
  • parameters: a range of 60 meters, a temperature maximum of 120 ° C, a CPM of 9 GHz, a sensitivity of up to 5 degrees;
  • Pros: affordable cost;
  • cons: too short range.

More expensive, but with better characteristics (range increased), the GEN model stands out. The cost is slightly higher, but remains available:

  • model name: Flir One GEN 3;
  • price: from 20 000 rubles;
  • parameters: range of 100 meters, temperature maximum 120 ° C, 9.9 GHz PWM, sensitivity up to 5 degrees;
  • pluses: reliability;
  • cons: high cost.

The most expensive gadget in the line, with improved range, is GEN 3 PRO. The range of the device is already 120 m, which is 20 m more than in the previous model:

  • model name: Flir One GEN 3 PRO;
  • price: from 22 thousand rubles;
  • characteristics: range 120 meters, temperature maximum 120 ° C, hourly 9 GHz, sensitivity up to 5 degrees;
  • Advantages: reliability and durability;
  • cons: high price.

How to choose

Factors that rely on the choice of such a product buyers are: the availability of discounts, the use of technology msx, the appearance of the gadget. More important parameters that you need to navigate when buying such a device:

  • The presence of a connector that is suitable for your smartphone;
  • quality of thermal imaging images in various color palettes (pictures are available on the Internet and are presented by the manufacturer or users);
  • price (original models can cost from 15 000 rubles);
  • range of temperature determination of objects and range of their fixation;
  • the presence of a dual camera (many manufacturers have added to the device is not only an infrared camera, but also a standard camera to improve the quality of photos and video smartphone).




Alexey, 24 years old

For me, the final factor in the choice was the price. I have limited the budget by 20-21 thousand rubles. Before choosing, I did not look at the general figures - characteristics, but on the final image. Fortunately, for each device the manufacturer offers sample pictures of how it will look on the display. The price corresponds to the quality.


Александр, 27 years old

I work in the field of installation of thermal insulation with my team. I do not have money for a professional device, so I chose FLIR ONE. He treated me a little more than 300 dollars. It shows everything clearly, even at a distance of a couple of tens of meters. We determine heat loss for them, so this model is optimal even for commercial use.


Алексей, 35 years old

I am an avid hunter, I like to wander through the forests in our northern part of Russia. Brother gave a very useful device for iPhone. Model SEEK THERMAL. Always take a smartphone for hunting - the animal notices for a couple of hundred meters, even small beavers or ducks on the lake can be seen very well. Fans recommend this entertainment!

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