How to dye your hair in a light brown color

Women tend to always look perfect, attractive, to fascinate men, above all, their shiny head of hair. A beautiful hairstyle, skillfully dyed hair - it raises the mood, relieves the emerged complexes about their appearance. Stylists say: light brown is now in fashion, a rich palette of its shades. How to create a new image, so that the shade of hair ideally suits you?

To whom is the dark blond color

The choice of the shade of a light-brown type depends on the color-type of your appearance. Light-skinned (color-type Summer or Winter) will suit cold shades of hair. What are the features of the summer type color-type? If you have light, olive skin, through which the veins gleam, pink blush on the cheeks, a warm range of curls will not decorate you. Winter flower color of girls is distinguished by light, beige skin. The face is framed by beautiful, dark lashes and eyebrows. After sunburn, the skin quickly acquires a glamorous olive shade. Cold shades of hair beautifully shade gray, blue or green eyes.

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Choose shades of light brown color


Previously, a light-haired girl was considered "simple." In the present time, a natural light brown tone is stylish. He is to face almost every woman, and a variety of gamut of shades and special character allow you to emphasize your individuality. Experimenting with your hair will allow the palette of colors from Garnier, Vella, Londa. Judging by the opinions of women, the staining remedies of well-known manufacturers (for example, the use of English brand Palet) gently give the hair the desired shade: light, pearl, wheat, platinum, pearl.

Dark blond

How to choose the right hair color
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If you possess naturally natural dark hair, then you are lucky. Modern women hunt for such a shade among the brand lines of hair dyes. It is fashionable, natural and beautiful. To give a tone of a silvery tint, apply a special shading balm to the hair. The dark-brown tone is cold and saturated in itself, but with the appropriate color scheme and correctly applied eye make-up, it makes its owner vivid and extravagant.

Light blond

Owners of color types Spring and Summer are more to face light shade. Light skin, gray or blue eyes and light fair-haired hair - and you are a refined, confident lady, as if from a picture. If you have a dark blond color, then brighten the strands at home will help pharmacy chamomile, saffron or lemon juice. A vivid example of light blond hair is considered by Kemeron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift.


Ashy though fashionable, but used in combination with other tones. Ash blond and ashy-blond personify beauty together with light, olive skin. If you have uneven complexion, there are pigmented spots, then in the shade of ashy curls these errors of the face will be visible. And yet the shade is considered glamorous, but it is not easy to achieve at home and maintain. Denise Richards, Hilary Duff - bright feminine examples.

Light brown

Gold glare of a copper Ikaramelnogo a shade effectively ennoble a fair-haired tone. The popularity of this palette is justified: golden blond is considered ideal, as it animates its dark version and saturates the light one. In addition, it is suitable for all skin types and eye colors. Ashen and platinum blond-ladies will easily acquire a golden tide, using a balm or tonic. The image will acquire softness and a special charm. The hair of the fair-skinned and dark-skinned girls with brown, gray eyes will look spectacular, harmoniously flowing into the image.

Medium blond

Medium blond is a natural tone, the variations of which depend on the presence of golden notes. Warm beautiful ottenit slightly tanned skin, while the cold visually will highlight the beautiful features of the oval face. To embellish your appearance, to give your head a singularity, extravagance will help cascading haircut or melirovanie for blond hair. This hair color looks beautiful on Milan Kournikova, Charlize Theron.


Light brown hair color on the photo with a noticeable reddish - a trend of many seasons. Few women boast of this type of natural hair. But to transform from a blonde or brown-haired woman into a brunette with a golden-red, amber tint will not be difficult. Beautifully colors the oval of the face bright red blond hair, if you are light-skinned blue or gray eyes. The look of the brown eyes on the light skin will perfectly shade this tone.

Wheat Light Brown

The possessor of natural hair with wheat or ash tinged luck smiled. Stylists say that such shades are considered at the moment rare, but beautiful. In the rays of electric lamps in the evening or in the sunshine, the owners of wheat blond curls note the difference in the gloss of hair. The wide palette of tints changes from a steel shade to a copper and bronze, coffee latte. The advantage of this type is its ability to have both cold and warm flowers. Experiment safely, do not be afraid to give your hair a spectacular reflux.

Color of hair milk chocolate
Hair of a red color

Color of hair dye

Do you dream of turning into a burning brown-haired woman, a charming blonde or an extravagant Russian-looking beauty? Identify with a shade of hair that emphasizes your style and image. Choosing the color of the paint for hair, refer to the tones and shades, which are presented in the layout of the palette. The hue of the girl's hair on the bright paint package does not always correspond to reality, that is, obtained after coloring the tone. The palette of modern colors is represented by a wide range of natural shades in the form of small samples of artificial strands.

Palette Loreal

The brand of the trade mark Loreal has perfectly proved itself among professional rulers of manufacturers. The French famous company is trusted by almost the entire female population of the world. Impeccable quality, ease of use, composition of natural, sparing components - Loreal occupies a leading position in the world of professional cosmetics for hair. The color palette of paints Loreal Preference impresses with natural tones, the ability to choose a favorite tone from a wide range of natural shades.

Palette Estelle

Estel hair color is a truly domestic product, the main purpose of which is to defeat gray hair, to give hair color fastness, shine and brightness. In modern colors for ringlets Estelle there are components of natural origin (peach oil, green tea extract, vitamin PP), which reliably protect the hair from the harmful effects of external factors and strengthen the hair follicles. A wide palette of tones and shades satisfies any female whim.

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How to dye your hair and achieve a light brown color?

Coloring in a light brown color does not always give the desired result: the shade may be disappointing. Therefore, trust the professionals of the beauty salon or listen to our subsequent advice.

  • The color of the eyes and skin are considered the main reference points when choosing a shade of tone. Light-skinned girls will face a light blond shade, dark-skinned golden and honey tones will not do.
  • An ashy shade is the trump card of blondes and brunettes. The latter should discolor the hair before staining.
  • Redheads need to choose the tone that is closest to their own without discoloration.
  • "Krashennym" red-haired beauties and girls with melirovaniem, coloring, first you need to get rid of the paint with the help of acidic special washing, which is used several times. After this procedure, color the hair in the desired shade.

How to properly dye your hair in a light brown tone at home?

  1. Carry out the coloration preferably not on cleanly washed hair, but on slightly greasy to avoid damage to the epithelium of the head by the harmful effect of the coloring agent.
  2. Mix the paint components according to the instructions.
  3. Test your body's response to the components of the remedy by applying a small amount of it to the elbow.
  4. To the skin near the temples, on the frontal part of the head remained clean after applying the paint on strands, grease these places with a usual cream or petroleum jelly.
  5. Start the dyeing process from the back of the head.
  6. Dye the roots of hair first with a brush, then spread the product along the entire length of the strands.
  7. The agent is applied for 25-30 minutes.
  8. After waiting the specified time, rinse the paint with warm water and shampoo.

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Photo before and after procedure

How to freshen the color?

Having decided to refresh the color of your hair, use special toner tints or paints. As a result, you will be pleased with the appearance of shine, and the hair will acquire an exquisite shade. If you want to apply natural dyes for hair in order not to harm the thin strands, stop by the pharmacy chamomile. Decoction of the plant flowers together with a few drops of lemon juice will perfectly moisturize the hair along the entire length, give a light golden hair a playful golden hue.

Meliorating at home is due to the effect of one component - lemon juice, if used for rinsing. Dark, chestnut hair color will correct the sage broth. As a result, your locks will find a brown tide, there will be irresistible shine. Do not radically paint your natural color in a different tone. A variety of shades of the color gamut of means allows you to choose the right one. The main thing here is the complete harmony of the hue of the hair and the image as a whole.

How to find your ideal hair color, see the video, where Roma Copper from the telecast tells about all the subtleties of choosing the right shade.

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