Liquid silk for hair - blakes and recovery. Hair after liquid silk, application reviews

Thick, shiny hair emphasizes the beauty of a woman. To care for strands specialists created many cosmetic products. At the heart of some of them lie innovative technologies, and other drugs contain natural harmless substances, the action of which is checked by time. Recently, it has become popular to apply silk to hair products. What kind of cosmetic is this and what is the use of it?

What is liquid silk for hair

Liquid silk has the ability to make hair shining and healthy, because it has a beneficial effect on their structure. It consists of hydrolyzed proteins, which when applied to strands make them obedient, shiny and elastic. The effect after using this caring substance comes immediately.

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This is due to the fact that proteins, amino acids and other components of hair oil liquid silk instantly penetrate the strands along the entire length, making them even, elastic and radiant. Use this product in small amounts on a washed, but dry head. Before use, squeeze a little on the palm, rub it in your hands and apply evenly to the strands. It is not necessary to flush the product.

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Silk drug is perfect for healing dry and damaged hair. With it, you can heal strands after staining, curling, prolonged and regular use of ironing. Liquid silk performs a protective function, protecting the hair from contamination and negative environmental influences. But on a fat head it is not recommended to use it, because this will give the hairdress a dirty, untidy look.

How to apply liquid silk for hair sealing

In salons, a popular procedure is laminating hair with silk. To understand its principle of action, it is necessary to remember how the human hair is arranged: it is covered with scales along the entire length and the surface, which in a normal state fit tightly to the hair shaft. However, after a while, the structure of the strands changes, under the influence of external negative factors flakes exfoliate, the ends split. Hair lose its luster, because these negative factors lead to a violation of the structure of their reflective surface.

Artificially, with the lamination procedure, the flakes are returned to their correct position and sealed with the agent. In this case, the hair along the entire length turns into a film. After the lamination, the strands acquire a stunning appearance and shine. This procedure does not harm the hair at all - on the contrary, there are substances inside the formed film that continue to have a positive effect on their structure. Experts recommend laminating to those who have the following hair problems:

  • split ends;
  • hair loss;
  • lack of gloss.

Hot wrapping with silk can be done at home. To do this, you need to know some principles of the procedure and take into account important warnings. Lamination can be done after staining after 5 days or a few weeks before the hair color change procedure. Instructions for carrying out sealing with liquid silk at home:

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo. Soak with a towel, but do not dry or wipe.
  2. Apply on a flat comb.
  3. Stepping back from the roots of 1 cm, distribute the product along strands along the entire length. Wait for 7-10 minutes to act.
  4. Wash your head under running water.

Which liquid silk is better - a review of cosmetics

Many well-known manufacturers of cosmetics produce liquid silk for hair care. Sell ​​it under the brands: ESTEL, Schwarzkopf, BIOSILK, CHI, GLISS KUR, Dr.Sc. Sante Aloe Vera, LUXOR COSMETICS, Matrix, Loreal. It is profitable to buy for personal use in 100 ml bottles. It suffices for cosmetic procedures for half a year. Manufacturers produce products for different types of hair. Consider the features of 4 types of liquid silk from different companies.

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Estel Brilliance Curex

The silk remedy for Estel contains a siloxane complex that has a beneficial effect on strands. This drug is sold in a bottle with a nebulizer (100 ml). It is recommended only for dry hair type. After applying the drug hair becomes lush, strands - smooth, obedient, along the entire length cease to be electrified. The cost of liquid silk from Estelle - 410 rubles.

Spray for hair Sante

This drug is intended for long hair, which are cut at the tips. The composition of the spray with liquid silk includes shea butter, which provides additional protection from sunlight and other negative external factors. The product contains plant ceramides, aloe vera juice, keratin, which restore the structure and prevent the fragility of the strands. Spray for hair liquid silk. Sante is available in a 200 ml vial. The cost of the drug is 80 rubles.

CHI Infra Silk Infusion

A regenerating gel based on silk is designed for weak, damaged and dry hair. CHI Infra Silk Infusion contains wheat and soy proteins, which enhance the healing and restoring effect of the drug. After using the restoring gel, the hairdress takes shape, starts to shine. The drug is sold in vials of different volumes (15 ml, 50 ml, 150 ml, 300 ml). The product in a bottle of 50 ml costs 990 rubles.

Serum Concept liquid silk

Liquid silk from the manufacturer of the Concept is produced in a bottle of 200 ml. Serum is intended for use on all types of hair: natural, dyed, damaged, unruly. Contains polymers that reconstruct the structure of the hair and make the strands silky and radiant. Cost of 1 bottle of Serum Concept liquid silk - 370 rub.

Video: why you need liquid silk and how to use it

Among the many cosmetic care products is not just to choose the one that is suitable for you personally. If you have dull and damaged staining, curling, or exposure to other negative hair factors, the problem of choosing the means to restore them becomes especially relevant. Why in this situation liquid silk is the best solution to the problem? After watching the video, you will find out the answer to this question and recommendations for using this tool.



Tatiana, 25 years old, Nizhny Novgorod:I use silk from Estelle. Perfectly helps to create the effect of radiant, healthy strands. I use it only in cases of extreme necessity, when it is necessary to change urgently and to look faultless. But there are some drawbacks. The first is a medical smell, which remains on the head after application. The second drawback is that it is difficult to wash out.


Inna, 27 years old, Tyumen:Once, to solve the problem with the cutting ends, I bought. Sante Liquid silk. In its composition, there are silicones, which make the strands healthy, shiny in appearance. I liked this tool because it acts instantly. He also has a pleasant fragrance, the price is affordable. After application of Dr. Sante quickly eliminates the problem with the cutting tips.


Ирина, 30 years, Saratov:I have a problem in the tips I've seen. Even my hair, after repeated lightening, lost its luster and became brittle. Recently I bought a CHI Infra Silk Infusion gel in a 15 ml bottle. After applying the gel, my hair is transformed and becomes radiant and well-groomed. Pleased that it has a pleasant smell, which after use for a long time keeps on the head.

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